Mark Schilling

Born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1949, Mark Schilling arrived in Tokyo in 1975 and has lived
there ever since. He has been reviewing Japanese films for The Japan Times since 1989
and reporting on the Japanese film industry since 1990, first for Screen International, and currently for Variety. His articles on Japanese culture and society have appeared in a wide range of publications, including the Japan editions of Time, Newsweek, Premiere and Vogue, as well as The Asian Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Interview,The Japan Quarterly and Kinema Junpo.

Among his major book publications are The Encyclopedia of Japanese Pop Culture (Weatherhill, 1997), Contemporary Japanese Film (Weatherhill, 1999) 2003, The Yakuza Movie Book -- A Guide to Japanese Gangster Films (Stone Bridge Press, 2003), No Borders, No Limits: Nikkatsu Action Cinema (Fab Press, 2007) and Nudes! Guns! Ghosts! The Sensational Film of Shintoho (Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, 2010).

Among his book translations are Princess Mononoke -- The Art and Making of Japan's Most Popular Film of All Time (Hyperion, 1999) and Kenzo Kitakata's Winter Sleep (Vertical, 2004).

Schilling has been a program advisor to the Udine Far East Film Festival since 2000.
In that time he has curated sections dedicated to Teruo Ishii (2003), Jun Ichikawa (2004) and Satoshi Miki (2008)., as well as major retrospectives dedicated to Nikkatsu Action (,2005) and Shintoho genre films (2010). He also contributed to retrospectives on Asian musicals (2006) and Asian comedies (2011)