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Otomo to direct new live-action film (11/10/05)

What the Snows Brings takes top honors at TIFF (10/31/05

Shochiku to finance Kore-eda period drama (10/26/05)

Kadokawa to enter Chinese cinema market (10/19/05)

Yamada to complete samurai trilogy (10/6/05)

Japan submits Blood and Bones as Oscar entry (9/30/05)

Tokyo Project Gathering unveils line-up (9/30/05)

Japanese industry ramps up production (9/27/05)

Media Blasters takes gay comedy to States (9/26/05)

Tokyo International Film Festival unveils lineup (9/20/05)

April Snow blankets Japanese market (9/20/05)

Shinobi  set for US remake (9/20/05)

Index Corp. acquires Nikkatsu (9/8/05)

Nana dominates entertainment charts (9/8/05)

The Suspect impresses at Japanese box office (8/29/05)

Tokyo governor to produce wartime drama (8/23/05)

Nikkatsu takeover talks collapse (8/16/05)

Zhang Yimou to chair Tokyo Film Festival jury (7/29/05)

Japanese producers look to spark animal magic (7/15/05)

Japanese Star Wars openings breaks galactic record (7/11/05)

Kadokawa breaks sales record with Samurai Commando (7/3/05)

Garner to star in Japanese drama remake (6/22/05)

Asian piracy cuts into Japanese film profits (6/15/05)

Negotiator becomes the biggest Japanese film of 2005 (6/6/05)

Japanese uber-producer lines up Kurosawa remakes (5/20/05)

Japan, France strike joint production, distribution agreement (5/16/05)

New Line buys rights to Japanese comic Monster (4/16/05)

Nippon Herald woes lead to stock de-list (3/20/05)

Kadokawa, CJ Entertainment link (3/16/05)

Shochiku named ShoWest Exhibitor of the Year (3/2/05)

Half a Confession (Hanochi) tops 28th Japan Academy Awards (2/22/05)

Studio Ghibli separates from parent company (2/15/05) 

Kadokawa, Intermedia to remake One Missed Call (2/9/05)

Japanese BO surges in 2004 (1/31/05)

Windstruck sweeps Japanese BO (1/24/05)

Japanese weepies clean up at BO (1/18/05)

Japanese police nab vendor of pirated DVDs (1/13/05)


2004: Japan toasts love, samurai and Miyazaki

Studios set to build Japan's biggest multiplex

Court sentences Japanese film pirate

Fire destroys Kadokawa sound stage

Howl's breaks opening weekend record

Japan set for Miyazaki vs. Pixar clash

Gaga is bought by Usen Corp.

Shochiku launches animation division

Shochiku launches fund for ninja drama

Kadokawa launches film fund

Japan readies WWII dramas

Kadokawa announches yokai pic

Fuji, Sony acquire Kung Fu Hustle

One Missed Call 2 goes into production

Warner Japan launches DVD label

Japanese filmmakers turn to the past

Crying Out for Love crosses BO milestone

Toho-Towa gets US buying agent

Fuji TV, Gonzo to make animation

TIFF announces new prize

Umizaru starts strong

Toei delays release of Battle Royale 2 DVD

Izo review

Steamboy review

Shochiku names Sakomoto president

Casshern review

Appleseed review

Japan's production sector resorts to violence

Innocence review

Kadokawa buys stake in Nippon Herald

Warner snags US rights to Japanese animation

Toho to make "last" Godzilla movie

Fuji TV to make sub thriller Lorelei

Kadokawa to absorb Daiei

Shochiku to ramp up production

Kirishima 1945 named best 2003 Japanese film by Kinema Junpo

Vibrator review

Release of Howl's Moving Castle delayed

Chakushin Ari (You've Got a Call) review


Shinji Higuchi to direct sub thriller Lorelei

Government advisory commitee issues film industry report

Holiday production

Japan swept up by The Last Samurai