Mark Schilling's Tokyo Ramen
Reviews and articles about Japanese films and pop culture
                      Why Tokyo Ramen?

In 1998, a friend and colleague, Bill Marsh, and I planned to launch a site dedicated to Japanese popular culture, including music, movies, television and print media. Bill, whose Web design skills were far superior to mine, spent long hours putting together a beta version we decided to call Tokyo Ramen. We recruited music writer Steve McClure, media maven Phil Brasor and tabloid press expert Mark Schreiber as our collaborators. Then, in July, just as Tokyo Ramen was set to make its debut, Bill was killed by a speeding motorcyclist while crossing a street, leaving his wife and small son.

This tragedy, combined with our ignorance of Bill's work, put the site into a limbo from which it never emerged. Now, in my own small way, I would like to revive the Tokyo Ramen name in a new form -- and in Bill's memory.
This site is Links Central to most of what I've written on Japanese films and pop culture in the past decade.

* 700-plus film reviews for The Japan Times.
* Interviews with directors, actors, producers and other entertainment folk.
* Articles for various publications.
* Back articles for Screen International, the British movie trade magazine I wrote for from 1990 to 2005.

I have also written nearly 1,700 articles to date for Variety, the Hollywood movie trade magazine. Here's a link for the curious.

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