Advertising films in Japan (12/2005)

Japanese and Korean film edge out Hollywood at TIFF 2005 (11/4/05)

Tokyo International Film Festival 2005 (10/23/05)

Kenji Uchida profile (10/14/05)

Japanese and Korean movie eats Hollywood's lunch (9/30/05)

Reincarnation set visit (9/2/05)

Shochiku at 110 (9/30/05)

September production comment

Kadokawa at 60

Children's films: Japan (7/15/05)

World premieres in Japan: The importance of being eastern (6/24/05)

Foreign-backed exhibitors in Japan (6/24/050

Japanese film lobbyists -- not (6/17/05)

A different definition of Japanse cool (5/19)

Howl's US release announced (3/19/05)

Japan dubs the movies (3/16/05)

Japanese film industry goes Korean (3/10/05

Summer movies in the Japan (3/8/05)

Howl's Moving Castle hits all-time #2

2004 BO review (2/2/05)

Alexander in Japan (1/19/05)

January production analysis: More weepers on the way (1/5/05)

Toho Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills (11/25/04)

Marketing Howl's Moving Castle (11/30/04)

Gaga buyout analysis (11/3/04)

Japanese distribution system (10/6/04)

Kadokawa Tsuguhiko interview (10/5)

Sixty years of Kadokawa (10/5/04)

Japanese production trends (10/4/04

Japan Film Commission Tetsuji Maezawa interview (9/25/04)

Kadokawa's big plans (9/10/04)

Kadokawa at sixty (9/5/04)

Japanese star system (8/25/04)

Censorship in Japan (8/11/04)

The Next Last Samurai? Zhang meets Takakura (2/24/05)

Paying attention to Japan pays off for Phantom (2/17/05)

When Japanese film folk misbehave (2/10/05)

2004 in review (2/2/05)

Toei rings BO gong with Year One in the North (1/27/05)

Windstruck has BO wind at its back (1/21/05)

Howl's roars on (1/5/05)

2004 in review (12/22/04)

Korean film boom for real (12/15/04)

Incredibles -- Credible in Japan? (12/9/04)

Time to bag box office blues for Japanese films? (12/2/04)

Love rules at Japanese box office (11/24/04)

Godzilla meets his end (11/18/04)

SMAP drives Japanese BO (11/12/04)

Christmas season begins with laugh, tear, slash (11/10/04)

Gaga buyout (10/31/04)

Miyazaki and Lasseter go head to head

Too many Japanese films? (10/16/04)

Altamira goes against the grain (9/24/04)

Film funds come back (9/16/04)

Japanese remakes of Japanese films (9/15/04)

Hollywood in decline? (9/11/04)

War movie revival (9/2/04)

Kore-eda reaches for the sword (8/26/04)

Horror goes arthouse (8/19/04)

Japanese arthouse audiences (7/22/04)

Brotherhood and the Japanese-Korean cultural gap (7/7/04)

Harry Potter storms Japanese box office (7/1/04)

Umizaru against Hollywood (624/04)

Disaster films at the Japanese box office (6/17/04)

Silmido and the Korean movie boom (6/10/04)

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